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Thread: Intel's Cilk Plus Still Waiting To Get Into GCC

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    Default Intel's Cilk Plus Still Waiting To Get Into GCC

    Phoronix: Intel's Cilk Plus Still Waiting To Get Into GCC

    Cilk Plus is one of the Intel initiatives to advance multi-threaded parallel programming by providing a set of C/C++ programming language extensions similar in nature to OpenMP. While Intel has had open-source Cilk Plus code for months, the compiler support has yet to be picked up by GCC...

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    Default Another one?

    I've seen for C++: Cilk, OpenMP, Posix, GCD, Shared-Memory with Multiprocessing (Postfix), Boost, C++11 threading, Atomics (thread synching). The simpler ones are confusing (== Dangerous) or just plain risky.

    The standard patterns are hard to implement optimally (producer/waiting-consumer, thread message passing) and require more risky boilerplate. Boost is getting there, but clobbers debugging.

    The revolutionary ideas like GCD (which decides what do to next rather than who to stop) never seem to catch on, so who is evaluating it & what's the catch?
    Or are most dev labs just giving up and sem-locking everything in frustration?

    This is a performance forum. What's the state of ending performance-eating sems?

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