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One GOOD story and we all should be happy?

Come one. There are dozens of OEMs who do not care about any other OS than Win. They can skimp on BIOS development by just making Win run on it.

BUT its more about MS twist of SB. Which FORBID options such as meantioned "LEGACY" mode. At release time or as future updates. NO OPTION TO TURN OFF SB (which by itself is make such implementation INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI).

Personally I do not care if I can disable it by hw switch (like in chromebooks) or by sw switch, but inability to install any software I want to on hardware I OWN, because manufacturer FORBIDS ME?

And as usual there are voices that consumer rights be damned, companies have right to do anything and they are happy with it......
FSF is delusional. disabling secureboot in the firmware is easier than the BS people have to go through in using buggy distros like ubuntu or fedora. yesterday i went to best buy and it took me 15 seconds to disable secureboot. sure the grandma user would have problems going into the firmware. she is also gonna have difficulty when the nouveau driver hangs her GPU and she can't use bugzilla to submit a report!