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IMHO AMD should drop the development of fglrx for some time and focus on doc and code releasing. Last fglrx driver seems to be quite nice already so people shouldn't complain if they know that AMD for the time being is focusing on the docs and open drivers...
Yeah. The unrest in the AMD user camp (raises hand...got parts, I do, I do...) is, I think, due to the lack of truly quality results on the proprietary front along with a glacial pace for the documentation and the honestly opened stuff.

It doesn't help that even IF the driver works well enough in 3D and doesn't boggle your system that the 2D performance is seriously subpar and things like FBOs are just simply not implemented in the new codebase. Seriously. Everyone's trying to get off of the PBuffers wagon (which is a dead mess to work with and horribly non-portable...) and onto the FBO wagon to do programmatically generated texture surfaces for rendering. FBO's make it part of the OpenGL API and make it really easy to use, less resource consumptive and doesn't need any UI environment to do it.

I could live with and even maybe tolerate that if the pace of opening up were moving faster. Because there'd be a concrete, definite time that we'd see being able to honestly use the hardware.