This thread is regarding post #280 by member "bbzz" which is the fifth post from the top of the page:

That post has a picture of beastie hanging tux which just shows how appalling the amount of anti-linux crap there is in the BSD forums which is I guess them whining about how linux is so much more superior to their crappy little BSDs and how they are too up their asses to switch to linux from BSD.

Granted, it is in BSD forums and not here so it seems reasonable to think that we should ignore it. But unfortunately freebsd forums is open to viewing by anyone so this sort of BSD anti-linux crap always get out and end up with M$ and M$ trolls/zealots who that use it to hinder linux's advancement.

So we must do something about this shit. We shouldn't care that it's just freebsd forums ( i.e. troll forums) and thus just ignore it. We must do something about it, get them to shut thier crap about how BSD is better then linux.

Suggestions, my fellow linux users and anti-BSD friends?