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Thread: Hatred Against Linux in FreeBSD Forums

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    Can all the users, of all the different operating systems, unite... in not caring. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by BSD Sucks and Dies View Post
    Groups and Organizations that make things and software that hurt people (i.e. BSD, Microsoft and Apple) should be disbanded and their members punished for their crimes (especially BSD).
    I'd say I'm the "most extreme" / "least rational" when it comes to matters regarding Microsoft. They are criminals and certainly don't care about fair competition. I will not purchase their products and I will advocate _any_ practical alternative to their lineup. I'm voting with my wallet, and voting with my expertise on the matter. I will not willingly give them my mindshare or money. Once they are beaten and they have to compete in a fair market for my money, I may go back to purchasing their products. That's how I've chosen to live my life and that has closed some career opportunities for me. Some would call that irrational.

    However from that same viewpoint, I'd say that statement (particularly: "especially BSD") is over-the-top irrational. They do what they want on the free internet and noone has to care about it. Their communities already suffer from their abusive, exclusive nature- that, gentlemen, is karma. I don't think there's any role for us in that.
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    WHAT THE??!!
    There are people who d-o-n-t like linux!?! OMG OMG OMG endofthewholefrickinworld nao!1

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    Quote Originally Posted by BSD Sucks and Dies View Post
    It's rude to call it just Linux as it ignores the efforts put in by Stallman and his team. It's GNU/Linux. Not only does the BSDs hate Linux (kernel), they also hate GNU, Hurd, FSF, Stallman, Torvalds, GPL, freedom and even open source.

    Its Linux, If you love the GNU so much go use Hurd (You know the gnu group's own operating system). Also if your heaven sent Stallman had his way Linux would be known as Lignux....

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    Default Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by bsd sucks and dies View Post
    i think this thread enlightening to people
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