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Thread: The Sauerbraten Open-Source Update Is Still Cooking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calinou View Post
    Does anyone need any more proof it's worthless to argue with closed source (or other types of) bigots?
    You idiot, you know you're a lier and honest as a hooker, don't confuse a pencil with a penis, and don't put me into the closed source crowd. I'm not paranoid about any party. I'm saying the closed source games are better for now, while you're being an open source asshole, which actually makes me like closed source stuff better, now that I met another open source douche bag like you, and there's lots of such douchebags, thankfully not all of them are open source ones, some of them are Nibiru or Jesus Christ assholes, you're the open source asshole.
    I don't care much about license or open/close nature of the game, unlike you, I judge games by their quality to the player.
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