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Well, the Xbox 360 has been around for 7 years now, so if it is to stay for as long, it might need an even longer period of support, which RHEL/SLED would be able to cover.
True, but I guess they are not planning to have to on shelves for that long, after all their console will just be a console so game developer have a reference hardware model for PC game development and for less knowledgeable user to not be lost. I think two new model one client release every 2-3 years and a home server model (for multiple client home and internet/gaming cafe, who want an easy solution) release every 4 to 6 years, would be good enough to make most happy, except the hardware enthusiast (which I am, but having to live for a few years on tight budget and getting older kind of helped calm that ardor and switched me more toward efficiency then raw power)