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Last time I checked the US was ranked 34th in average home internet bandwidth. That was a few years ago, but I imagine it isnt much better now. DSL is only capapble of 6Mb/s. And that is only if you live real close the the junction. Otherwise its 3Mb/s or if you're further away it is just 1.5Mb/s. Thats Megabits. If you want MegaBytes divide by 8.. Most cable providers offer 3 tiers of bandwidth. 2Mb/s, 10Mb/s and 50Mb/s. Most folks choose 10Mb/s Sometimes you can choose a Turbo option which will allow large downloads to reach an extra few Mb/s second for an added fee of course.
Huh, must be crap phone lines there - here in Finland DSL tops out at 24 Mbps, cable at 100 Mbps, fiber depends on the city, but starts at 100.