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Thread: KDE 4.10 Desktop Delayed Into February

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    Quote Originally Posted by zanny View Post
    I agree with making KIO a fuse fs. I am a recent KDE convert, but one of my bigger issues with the project is the consistent ideology of "if it exists outside of the qt / kde environment, reinvent the wheel and rebuild it". I agree with the overall stance that as a development ecosystem qt / C++ / QML is drastically superior to Gnome / GTK / C, but it really divides the Linux desktop with all their personal reimplementations of core features.
    What specific examples are you referring to? For most of the examples I have seen people list the KDE version actually came first.

    For example, as far as I have been able to determine KIO predates FUSE by at least 3 years. Similarly KOffice predates, konqueror predates firefox, khtml predates gecko (and webkit is a fork of khtml), and nepomuk predates tracker.

    The only major example I am aware of where KDE re-implemented something that was already available was with kwin's compositor vs. compiz, and all the problems compiz faced until Ubuntu took them over demonstrated that was a good decision. Of course there may be some third-party projects that created a KDE implementation of an existing piece of software, but it doesn't appear to be any more common than with other toolkits.
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