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Windows will die when pigs grow wings and fly.

Just Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server and Active Directory
Your argument is circular. Those exist strictly to support themselves. To employ a circular counter argument, as they become less relevant, they become less relevant.

To use a non-circular argument, as regular people stop using MS platforms, the MS "infrastructure" in place to support MS platforms becomes less relevant and therefore less used.

are more than enough to keep Windows alive as both a client and server operating system for another two decades at the very least. And those are only 3 of many other top-grade Windows-only software that Microsoft has published for Windows.
There isn't anything "top grade" about those. MS really doesn't offer anything that doesn't exist strictly for the support of themselves (circular). Not a single one of their products can't be replaced by superior alternatives. People use those for the same reason why teenage girls and the people who sit at starbukks buy apple; because that is what they know as "cool" as a result of it being pushed on them by aggressive and deceptive marketing.

The move towards super-mobile computing (and away from MS) automatically makes rational people AVOID the example products you suggest since they are basically incompatible and/or useless.