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I think the content provider position is that they don't view *you* as a thief, it's the other guy
Unfortunately, unless you're one of them, you're "the other guy"... After all, if you're not paying (and paying, and paying, and...), you're stealing from them- even if it's all legal and on the up and up.

Seriously, this is a chicken-and-egg situation right now. OEMs are starting to get more interested in Linux, and one of their big questions will be whether BD playback is important for their products. If the decision is "yes", then one or more player apps would probably show up fairly quickly. Without an obvious market, though, it's not worth it for the player app vendors to make a releaseable product.
Heh... The other route is to get the media companies to wise up on DRM in the first place. Not that I see the latter that I mentioned happening in the near future.

Anyhow, my take is this... If it were as simple as software players, John, we wouldn't BE having the conversation we're currently having on the subject- the DRM would be a seperate piece of the accelerator and wouldn't be intermeshed with the video decode portions, etc.