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i think the difference is due to them having slightly DIFFERENT CHIPS

proper video card ?
i have a 8800GT and its better then most new cards
My point was exactly that: 9800GT and 9800GTX are slightly different chips, which is reflected in the performance shown using the proprietary driver. Yet there's like a 50% difference between the two when using nouveau. I don't see how that doesn't spell trouble.

As a former owner, I'm ROFL ATM at your second statement. 8800GT better then most new cards? Better than most entry level new cards, maybe. It's certainly not better than a GTX260, GTX460 or a GTX660Ti (I owned all of them) or their faster siblings. Again, my point was that if the GT220 is a member of the 200 series (I'm not sure, manufacturers often rebrand their previous generation into newer generation, low-end parts), the newest card in this comparison is four(!) generations old.