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Thread: Is it possible to change core clock speed on Amd 7870 in Linux?

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    Default Is it possible to change core clock speed on Amd 7870 in Linux?

    I know Nvidia has made that possible with their drivers.

    I don't want to overclock the card. I actually want to slow it down a bit. I think Asus has slightly raised it from it's standard speed and I don't like the harsh effects it produces.

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    Never mind. I found an app to do it.

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    Use amdconfig. It should be able to set the card speed.

    amdconfig --adapter=0 --od-getclocks
    Gets the clock speeds. My card has:
    Adapter 0 - AMD Radeon HD 7560D
                                Core (MHz)    Memory (MHz)
               Current Clocks :    304           800
                 Current Peak :    760           800
      Configurable Peak Range : [304-760]     [800-800]
                     GPU load :    1%
    The following command sets the clock speeds:
    I DONT EXACTLY KNOW the numbers there, probably min and max. Look around.
    amdconfig --adapter=0 --od-setclocks=770,1126

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    Thanks. That's good info to know.

    I found the app above in a repo for my distribution and it works perfectly including a script for startup.

    Yeah, those would be min and max. Tell me, do you know how to make the system retain those settings across boots, and what about voltage?

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    Honestly i dont know as i use amdconfig only for monitoring.

    Is posted about the overdrive functions:
    These newly set
    clock values will revert to the default values if they are not
    committed using the "--od-commitclocks" command before X is
    So theoretically they should stick if you commit them.

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    also, there is
    althought I'm not sure if it will work in 7870

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