Does anyone get this game to run correctly with the new OpenGL engine?
After I read the "X-plane it works" article i thought that most shaders and opengl features were supported and running well with 8.1.
But now when I try to run Penumbra with the default settings it crashes with a segfault. To not get the game to segfault you have to disable shadows completely.
Now the game doesn't crash... But with anything but "shaders: very low" items, walls, and other objects doesn't render correctly and thus makes it impossible to progress as you can't actually see the things you´r supposed to interact with. They mostly become invisible or flickers badly.
The weird thing is that the game works with shadows and shaders on high with 8.40.4 just with some minor gfx bugs on reflective metals etc.

Now to my question: Is it only me that have these problems or is it quite a few shaders/features that is missing in the ati-drivers after 8.40.4?
You can download the demo here:

I just want to know if the problem is on my end and not in the drives. (I have a x1900XT BTW)