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The main reason is the open source video drivers just plain suck, and many of those people who only use those drivers instead of the binary blobs will just ruin it for everyone else. It would be better if the distros installed the binary blobs by default, but in many cases, they just won't do that.
And this puts us at a disadvantage compared to Windows because? Almost all Windows gamers know that for the best performance they have to grab the official vendor drivers. Why should Linux users not be able to understand this concept?

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Speaking of open source drivers, I fail to see why many people choose to support nvidia instead of AMD when picking the gfx cards themselves. AMD releases lots of docs, nvidia hasn't released much of anything really, yet, those same anti-binary blob people continue to support a company like nvidia by buying their products.
Well, I do. The only Nvidia cards in the house I did not pay for. I game entirely on my AMD system using R600g. Playing through Torchlight ATM.

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How about just supporting the LSB?
Indeed. All of the bitching about lack of standards, yet people fail to use one.