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1. Calm down !
2. I really hope english isn't your native language, otherwise it looks like you left school in the age of 10.

Please read the sentence again:

"this port is being done internally by their own developers, which isn't a huge surprise given their past public statements and already existing internal linux client work"

-> It's not a big surprise that the port is done internally. This has nothing to do with the game being a surprise or not
-> It's not a big surprise that the port is done internally, cause they already did internal linux client work. This shows that blizz has internal Linux knowledge, therefore doing the port inhouse instead of hiring externals to do it.

I hope everything is clear for you right now.
If they really wanted to bring a Wow linux client, they could have done that years ago. They could also do it NOW, cause it seems to be working already. But this will not happen.

Imo it will either be D3 or SC2, but my bets are on SC2 .
Yes, you want it to be SC2, yet that is unlikly.

If you have Diablo III.exe, Wow(-64).exe and Starcraft II.exe on your system, do this for fun:

strings *.exe | grep -i linux.

Guess how many hits you'll get from D3? Yes, zero. So D3 is highly unlikly.
SC2 does have a hit, so it does seem possible, but still unlikly. (I forgot on the top of my head what this string was)
Wow however, actually has the following:
as one of the strings. So even the 2013 builds still have this functionality and it is quite likely a Wow client internally still exists and is used to this day.

So if we are talking about minimal effort to port, then Wow stands a good chance.

And the 'why haven't they released this years ago' ... is kinda asking the obvious. They didn't want to. While to us it seems obvious, they could release an unsupported client, it will still require possible extra support questions and thus cost blizzard's support staff extra time and thus money they don't want to spend.