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Holy crap that was exactly what I did not want to hear again for the thousandth time^
One ....more......time...
I don't care if the CEO himself is a panda, get it out of the game, it does not belong in the genre.
I don't care if god himself is a panda and we are all pandas inside and the cartoon movie called kung fu pandas was never made it is still a retarded character and the very very very last choice that should have ever been made and most stupidest and most childish like character you could ever choose.
If there was no kung fu panda movie someone would have thought of it (as a doll, cartoon, tv show, something) anyways because the animal is a kiddy cutie icon that does not belong in the genre as a playable character warrior period.
It does not belong!
Next expansion - hello kitty class
Strawberry shortcake death knights
My little pony mounts

NO!!!! Stop it now!
For a game you don't play and don't care about, you sure seem to care about it an awful lot.