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Carmack optimized the BFG edition with code from Rage. It is not based on the old engine but on a modified Rage one. As Rage was optimizied for consoles the BFG variant is as well - and multithreading is the way to go for that. Xbox 360 for example has 3 cores. When a 10y old engine runs fine with your GTX 280 it is not that unusual but consoles are much simpler. Thats also no card that everybody has got! Also most of your issues are solved with ssds, but you dont get it.
Oh yes, you still claim SSDīs solve jitter. Wow.. I mean most of the stuff you type is just crazy junk. A focus on multithreading on consoles.. You remind me of some kind of bot, that randomly generates jokes.

Doom 3 does 3 passes to OpenGL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt-iVFxgFWk
Rage is a different engine. It doesnīt do the same. And multithreading on an engine that runs perfectly is not an optimization. It is redundant. And some even argue that Doom 3 looks better than Rage, due to the 3 passes to OpenGL.

But I guess you are going to claim your crazyness for some time. And that is a warning to others I guess.