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Thread: TVOverScan setting useless on 8600gt

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    Default TVOverScan setting useless on 8600gt

    On my new Asus 8600gt the TVOverScan setting does absolutely nothing, and the default level of overscan is way way too much. It took some time to arrive at the right settings for me, but here's the MPlayer option I discovered to make watching video a pleasant experience again:

    -vf expand=-1:-38:10:15

    I just barely comprehend how it works though. -1 and -38 are the offsets to actual resoltuion and 10 and 15 are adjustments to the position of the top left corner of the video. I guess the figures will be different for other people but I thought I'd share anyway because all the threads on forums I read about similar complaints of excessive overscan and no controls for it all had no solutions whatsoever except to suck it up and deal.

    edit: no so great a solution with widescreen. *shrug*

    edit2: well the values for this option still make no sense to me, but this is what I'm going to use until I can pick up a old PCI radeon for TVout:

    for FS: -vf expand=-1:-32
    for WS: -vf expand=-64:-0

    options like -geometry and -screenw and -screenh do nothing for me, JUST LIKE the TVOverscan xorg.conf setting!

    anyway if someone knows a good simple way I can shrink the size of the fullscreen picture in MPlayer, I would desperately love to hear it.

    If anyone from Nvidia happens to read this - where are the xorg.conf options for TV out position and why doesn't the TVOverScan setting work on 8xxx cards(google suggests 8500s and 8800s suck this way too)??
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