I dont really understand what is the point of this? I thought that wayland is an alternative to X11... so to be smaller and faster... so whats again the point or the way in using wayland between X and gtk? or is it a kind of shortcut for gtk... so X server is there does some input device handling or something? and then gtk displays directly through wayland on the kernel drivers?

Or is wayland a kind of shortcut for programms that are developed to use it? So will there be some apps that use it be faster at scrolling or some stuff... moving around or whatever... when they use wayland? and will then all X apps run through wayland and after that they get forwarded to x when they are not compatible? I mean if you dont use weston...

So do I think here right... you just install wayland... maybe set in a file a option like use-wayland= yes so that gtk knows it... and then you dont have to start anything else but some apps gets faster?

or maybe not faster but less resource-eating?