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To me, there is a big difference in performance with --enable-debug, so big that I can't even use the flag for development. I supply my own gcc flags through the CFLAGS environment variable if I want some level of debugging with all gcc optimizations enabled.
I just tried manually compiling mesa now (I make sure to do a make clean before every compilation and verify the -O flag and -DEBUG printed at the end of configure match what expected), this is what I get:
  • with --enable-debug + patch to revert -O0 and get -O2 -> 58.5 fps
  • without --enable-debug 60.1 fps

It's not a big difference here, I also only did 2 run to be sure with similar result (and you may notice the fps near to ~60 but I used vblank_mode=0). Strangely, however, it's a little slower than my yesterday run (~74 fps). On which app do you see the bigger difference?