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Thread: R600 Gallium3D Getting Close On OpenGL 3.3 Support

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrohbeck View Post
    /opt/xorg/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-Device: Driver "ati"
    It was my impression, that the ddx was called "radeonsi" or at least "radeon" and not "ati".

    Your Xorg.0.log says
    [  1169.313] (II) LoadModule: "radeon"
    so your Device section with the "ati" driver is probably not used.

    Pretty sure, that doesn't do anything. But it may be necessary to put swrast there if it doesn't compile because of som stupid build system dependency. If not, Just a space character will be interpreted as an empty list, otherwise it will build some default like r300 I think.
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