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Can you be a bit more specific about the "so poor and messy" issues you're seeing with the radeon driver?
Thanks Bridgman if you can suggest me some workarounds. Here are the poor and messy part of radeon oss on my e-350 apu (hp dm1z, kubuntu 12.10).

Poor: HD video playing sucks on oss radeon/linux - on win7/catalyst it's multifold better. I can say the performance is comparable to the Intel IGPs before Sandy Bridge - somewhat like g45 and g41 chips.
Messy: Occasionally I can't connect it with my HDMI. Even when I change/share screens from "1366x768" (my laptop res.) it's not seamless, whereas win7/catalyst manages quite well, adapts as per the display in question.

Is it just me? Or others are having such problems?