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I believe AMD invests more in Linux relative to the size of the company than Intel does.

What "position" you are talking about -- being smaller ?

First of all, thank you very much for your hard work and great support you give to the community. Please note that I very much appreciate the work you and the whole AMD team at AMD do.

That being said, the position I'm refering to is this.

There is no AMD system that I know of that ships with linux installed. AMD is not confident enough to provide linux support for OEMs or consumers. Intel is. There are several intel laptops shipping right now with linux. There are also a few smartphones. Even nvidia is shipping products with linux right now, and a lot by the way (see nexus 7).

What products ship with AMD chips? windows PCs, XBox 360, and if the rumors are true, the next gen xbox and playstation. Where's linux in this mix? Nowhere to be seen...

I really hope that valve is able to persuade some high execs over there into supporting linux. AMD already lost OYUA to nvidia, and every rumor i've seems hints toward nvidia on the steambox. So in my mind, we're a living the gaming revolution on linux right now, and AMD is missing the boat as we speak.

AMD may invest more on linux relative to its size than intel, but that changes nothing for the consumer. The same way that relative to the size of the company, FX processors are probably blazing fast, but it doesn't sell any more chips because of that.

It's just a shame really, because I would love to have an APU based steambox...

Anyway, keep up the good work. I sincerely hope you guys manage to achieve your objectives.