Hi all!

I was excited to start the new year with a system upgrade (yeah, I know to a previous generation hardware, but an upgrade from my last, nontheless), so I got an AMD 6100 FX CPU, 12 Gigs of RAM (thinking about the "2Gigs per core" rule) and a motherboard to support it (well, most of it). I ended up getting an ASRock N68C-GS FX (I did not know about the difference between the -GS and -S was the onboard graphics [GeForce 7025]), since it is based on the nForce chipset, and my previous hardware was nForce, I thought I'd go with it as the last one was so well supported.

Well, long story short, I hooked up all the components, I ended up adding a few extra ones (my old and trusty Audigy 2 ZS and my GeForce 9800GT, MUCH better than the on-board graphics! ), disapointingly found out the motherboard only supported 8 Gigs of RAM out of the 12 I got. At any rate, I primarily run Fedora, in the current version, 17, until 18 is officially released, and got hit by two apparently different issues...

First, no LAN. Linux does recognize and configures the LAN driver as forcedeth, as it is the known driver, but the network doesn't come up! I thought, well, no problem, I have a wireless USB dongle lying around somewhere, which does the trick at getting me on to the internet, at least (Linksys WUSB54GC, based on Ralink RT2070L).

Second, and the worst one: Trying to reboot or poweroff the system results in the system freezing and a kernel panic (WTF?), this bit obviously makes me think that the problem may lie somewhere within the ACPI/APIC code, which I intend to find out before I put this baby through its paces... I first have to find out what exactly is the kernel reporting when booting. But the problem is NOT local to Fedora 17, I've tried a few other disributions in LiveUSB (Fedora 18, Mint, Ubuntu, Slax, etc), all with the very same results, no matter stable/pre-release... Which makes me think that there might be a serious regression... Will have to test with a previous version, of course (like Fedora 14 or 15), and see if this is still the case there, in which case the problem might lie in a kernel regression (hopefully)

At any rate, I was wondering if anyone else has a motherboard of this model and had these issues with it... I should add that I have updated the BIOS to the latest available version in the ASRock website (1.40) to no avail.