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Hmm, I never liked C++ due to its weird style. I find C to be rather primitive, but at the very least it's consistent. I always felt that C++ was some sort of a hack glued onto C, as its syntax just doesn't fit with the rest... It has some really good features, but I can't stand this inconsistency, unfortunately. Hence why I prefer D, which is both consistent and provides all the powerful options of C++ and more. And yes, I have quite a bit of appreciation for immutable variables
Can you particularise what do you mean with "syntax just doesn't fit with the rest"? I'm trying to figure out what inconsistencies they may be but I can't think of anything inconsistent in C++. In my view the C++ is very (more like absolutely) consistent but that's just my view.

On the other hand C is lacking much functionality (starting with namespaces...) and is still exactly equally efficient as C++ when regarding performance. (Well, if you use polymorphism you have to consider VTABLEs etc. but if you want to implement something like that in C you still have to write a code that will do the same, if it's even feasible).