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I'm glad someone said it ..
Isn't one of the perceived advantages of opensource the sharing of code anyways? I think those guys are doing it right ..
I personally believe, as much code as possible should be shared between opensource projects .. It would benefit everyone, the writers and the users .. But in many cases it's not done.
Yeh +1 for the voice of reason

God, all the people dissing Ikea haven't followed his blog. I've actually bothered to installed SolusOS to bare metal - and it's not too bad really. A reasonable preview of "compromise distro" with a pure Debian base - but made easier to use.

The *reason* for them being *forced* to fork is because the Gnome devs have lost touch with Planet Reality... Ikea was clearly trying to avoid forking components. It's the same with Cinnamon - being effectively forced to fork Nautlius because the base code was being castrated. The Gnome devs should really be doing something useful with the file manager like sorting out thumbnail rendering (which is painfully slow compared to Dolphin)...

Just my $.02