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I was once a proud user of Amarok 1.x back in the day. It was great.

Then, after the extreme success of KDE 4.0 (if you want to consider emulating Windows Vista as "success"), the KDE developers decided to re-write Amarok from scratch, and thus came the 2.0 release.

It was a pile of crap. The UI was re-designed for the worse. It crashed all the time and was buggier than a cheap NY motel mattress. Many features were removed.

The KDE developers handled the situation by covering their ears and deleting any critical postings on their message boards.

I assume it's all some kind of theme that OS developers want to have the largest user-base possible, by going after the few non-users left out there: The idiots who can't handle the complexity of a two-button mouse. Thus, we have stunning successes like KDE 4, Gnome 3, and Windows 8. Mac OSX, the most "friendly"/dumbed-down OS of them all has even somehow gotten even "friendlier"/dumber over the last few years with releases 10.7 and 10.8. It's like a big race to be "grandma's OS of choice".

I don't even know where I was going with all of this. I just know that they took a great product and then pulled a WinAmp3, and that makes me sad.
I pretty much have the same experience. I used to love Amarok, but then they kept adding a ton of bloat, dependencies on ruby and databases and whatever so I lost interest. Today I just run mplayer in a shell window, that provides me with everything I want from a media player.