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    I am developing QML based display manager. I know for a long there was a high demand in creating a QML interface for KDM. Since this never materialized and KDM codebase is huge and somewhat complicated for me, I took the alternate route and wrote my own display manager from stratch.

    Being fond of KISS, I tried to keep code simple and dependencies minimum. Only dependencies are PAM, Xlib and Qt. No dependencies on kdelibs or whatever. Code is around 700 lines according to sloccount. As a result of this featureset is somewhat limited compared to bigger ones: no remote connections, no xdmcp etc. things I had never used anyway.

    Themes are done in QML, with a few hooks provided for login, shutdown/reboot etc. You can see how things are done in the default theme. There are no restrictions imposed on theme, you can do whatever you want. But it has to be in Qt4 aka QML1 for now. Qt5 porting will done after qt5 gets a bigger install base and easier availability. After that you will be able to use gpu shader/effects in the display manager. Yaaay!

    Code can be downloaded from github repo. Service file for systemd and a PKGBUILD is also provided. You can see the PKGBUILD to understand what gets installed into where.

    Patches, bug-reports, constructive criticism and feedback much welcome. Actually themes are very welcome too, default theme is pretty simplistic. We may need some bling-bling themes to show off.

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