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It seems to me that you're not a hobbyist open source developer.
I guess this can always be debatable ("what you do is crap"), but I actually do consider myself an OS dev. I was even once very close to KDE (I only commited few patches that I'm not especially proud of so i wont say 'contributing').

But I do work on several other projects, and I do consider that I kinda "owe" something to my users. Throwing some (ugly, untested) code on git is not what i consider "being an OS dev". It's just this.. throwing code. As an OS dev, i do consider that I should either listen to users, especially when they are dev carefully reporting bugs. Or if I can't I should say it clearly and publicly.

I've stopped reporting bugs to kde after years of totally unsuccessful reporting to bugs.kde.org. All what i've seen was bugs pilling up on the bugzilla, a very lot of old duplicate, and most importantly, developers basically denying the bug or arguing as you do ("this is opensource, so you dont have to cry"). Fortunately this was not often, but this oh-so... you know... not what i'm used to as a dev.