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Where in the bug thread has it been marked WONTFIX?

You're the one trolling, I simply pointed out a bug in KDE and you call me troll? If you have nothing constructive to say just go away and shut the fuck up.
Go into the bug report search "QML" every hit you'll get is regards to rewriting the taskbar into QML

http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KD...0_Feature_Plan search "Task Manager" one of the hits is "Port Task Manager to QML" Marked as in progress

Michael's article on KDE 4.10 features: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?pag...tem&px=MTIwNTQ One of the listed features listed is "Rewritten task manager" (and btw systray)."

As per arch linux screenshots, because 4.10 has hit kde-unstable, I know that even though its marked as "In progress" it IS in release. Standard KDE procedure is any component that is the in process of being rewritten gets no bugfixes against the "legacy", especially if the new one is ABOUT to be released.

New Task manager IS about to be released in about 2 weeks, thats not even enough time for a 4.9.x bugfix release to be put out. The bug may not officially be marked as "WONTFIX" but its definitely implied by the situation.

If a version of the bug is still present in the new QML version then it may be fixed after that, but until the QML version is released and we see if the bug is still present or not that bug-- for all intents and purposes, is stalled.