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Thread: AIGLX performance

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    Default AIGLX performance

    Hello everyone... I made this thread to get an idea about 3D desktop rendering performance of the different available graphics cards (both ATI and NVidia), when using the state of the art of the relative drivers (both proprietary and open source).

    I have a ATI9600 card with ATI 8.01 proprietary driver, and AIGLX performance is relatively poor, especially in application like Firefox. Since I haven't upgraded my graphics system for a long time I was wondering if it is just because of my old card that compiz is not very performant, or if it is mainly a driver issue.

    I know that "performant" or "less performant" is not as a good judgement criterion as the number coming out from a benchmark, but I don't know about any compiz benchmark... if I knew there was one I could eventually run it.
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    For some benchmarks, see:

    A revised article is planned for the near future.

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