Hi all,

After reading Michael Larabel's article, "ECS Z77H2-A2X Ultimate Golden Edition Extreme" I built a system based on that board.
Newegg had a deal, bundling with G.SKILL Trident X Series memory, DDR3 SDRAM 2400.

I've tried running Mint 13 and Ubuntu 12.10 in Live CD mode; both hang just past declaring the language set. I was successful in loading Puppy 5.2 into RAM; he barked and wagged excitedly ;-)

Then I noticed Michael's comment: "the stock [memory] frequency supported is up to 1600MHz. However, this motherboard does support DDR3-2800/2600/2400/2133/1800 memory in an overclocked mode."

I've never overclocked anything, and have no idea if that's the problem with the other distros.

Can someone help me learn what to do to make sure the memory frequency is accounted for?

Any thoughts or tips on getting past the hang?