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Wine usually has been working quit nice for many years, and for many things.

However, what really bugs me is when in order to get your fav game working you need that one-liner fix (literally!), and for that you need to recompile the whole shebang. In a 32bit chroot. With hundreds of -dev packages. And nightmares.
And when there's a new version, the patch isn't intergrated, but just needs to be applied to a different line number. And you have to do it all again. sigh
Actually you can blame Debian and Ubuntu for that particular pearl. Red Hat's distros have always used /lib and /lib64, Debian instead used "biarch" (/lib32 and /lib) for a while, then decided that wasn't good enough, and went for "multiarch", ie. /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu and co. Of course than only solved the problem for *lib*, not for *include*, meaning you can't parallel-install development packages for 32 and 64 bit, and you need an independent chroot.

Oh and with per-application patching, Windows itself is not very different - it has a bunch of checks for which application is running and alters how things work, so it remains compatible with older apps...