Feel free to install Kanotix if you want my support. I did not install Ubuntu for about 1 year to try it there. The absolutely latest testimages from 130211 have got a little installer error but that could be fixed easyly. The bot would tell you (when you ask !installer in the irc it is the 2nd command). You find images at:


After hd install the bot shows instructions to install with


(for hd 5000+ it would be: !amddeb and for nvidia gf 7+: !nvdeb)

The 130211 iso has kernel 3.8 rc6 (next will have rc7). It is of course possible to install Steam via a script on Kanotix (run it as root+user):


Also the bot knows how to compile xbmc with xvba support via


i prefer self compiled xbmc snapshots. xvba-va-driver is patched for h264 l5.1, also i forced h264 l5.1 on for the legacy driver and added patches to support kernel 3.8. vlc can be used to test video accelleration as well when you turn it on.

currently i work on secure boot support. i have it working in live mode and i could fix a hd install afterwards but i want of course direct hd install support (i use the linux foundation preloader).