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Do you mind trying to detail why you think GNOME3 is trying to be Windows 8?

I also find it a bit strange since GNOME3 was released over a year before Windows 8.

But mostly I find it strange that people still care about this issue.
We know that some of you don't like GNOME3. But realize that a lot of us actually do, and are getting kind of tired of all the hating.
It's been almost two years since GNOME 3.0, and the GNOME project seem to be doing fine.
Yeah, gnome 3 was released before Windows 8, but the point is both projects tries to be smartphone OS and both sucks badly. It doesn't really matter which one messed up first. Users do care about such issues, because Gnome 2 sucked as well, but was far more usable. There are much more users who hate gnome 3 compared to those who like it - some idiots from gnome UI guidelines team, some fanboys and those who modify it heavily. What makes you thinking gnome seems to be doing fun? It's the best joke I've ever heard! Not only nearly every serious distro dropped generic gnome 3 to more sane environments or gnome 3 hybrids, but also gnome 3 flagship distribution plans to do the same. Gnome shell is dying and it should never born.