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I didn't say that YOU have to like them or care. KDE and GNOME have always tried to give you a consistent, complete desktop which allows you to do all your daily work efficiently. And the requirements for desktops have grown in the last 15 years. Some people like more minimalist stuff, and that's OK.
It's just hard for me to see it that way. Prior to Xfce, the environments I spent the most time with were Fluxbox and Openbox, I feel non-minimalist enough as it is running Xfce.
I don't know what your 'daily work' entails, but Gnome, nor KDE, allow me to work any better than Xfce. I will say though, I do quite a lot of deviating from Xfce's default settings and a huge amount of modification to the panels to get them to the state i'm happy with, however, with only one exception, all theses changes are made through the GUI settings areas. (The one exception being the (still easy) task of making the "Run..." entry in the menu use gmrun instead of Xfce's built-in run dialogue. I usually launch my run dialogue with super+r anyway, but I still ofc want the menu entry to work too.)

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Personally, I don't use most of that. But network transparency is a must-have feature, IMHO.
When you say "network transparency", do you mean much other than easy ability to browse SMB shares?