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Again, nobody here cares what desktop anyone uses. This discussion is about the default desktop only serving a minority of users and removing functionality that everyone else uses.

It doesn't offend me at all, it's just that if his desktop is default then Cinnamon, XFCE, or Mate can't be. He is just part of a minority who's needs are met by the current default desktop.
Cinnamon has insignificant use outside of Mint, Mate is dead code, and XFCE is probably smaller than Gnome on Fedora and is still gtk2. Gnome 3 is the obvious choice. It's a living project and the project both Unity, Elementary OS, Consort, Cinnamon (and partly XFCE) parasite on, so it must have merits.... The only other desktop project with decently independent development is KDE and I get the impression Gnome is more popular than Kde on Fedora (and KDE has excellent packeting, and work perfect and is what I use by the way..)