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Thread: Fedora Proposal To Use Cinnamon Desktop By Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by thalaric View Post
    The first is, what is it exactly you believe my motivations are? I've made it pretty clear that the reason I'm posting here is because I do not care for Gnome Shell and would like Cinnamon (or a similar DE) to be the default. I happen to believe that Gnome Shell does not provide the features that most people need in a default desktop. If that is a problem for you, then I suggest you review your own motivations and assumptions.
    On the face of it you wanting Cinnamon to be the default is not an issue. I am also annoyed that I have to toggle Crtl-Alt-Backspace manually now in my Xorg.conf in order to get a desktop I feel comfortable with. However, there is an undercurrent in this thread which does go beyond you and that is what is making me upset here, which I have already well explored in my past statements. The fact that people feel they can not work with the project even though they have now been given several ample ways of doing show is indicative of this, when it mostly seems to be a matter of egos on both sides.

    For years there have been people who wished for KDE to be the default desktop on Fedora (and for awhile KDE was suggested to be the most popular desktop in polls to). And yet, despite our disagreements, I have yet to see this level of uproar from the KDE camp for the most part. As I have said numerous times, it is up to the Fedora Project Board to determine which desktop best suits there vision for their project as default (which does not actually mean much anyway) and they have certainly seen some value in what is going on with Shell. Want to do something constructive and easily within your reach? Try getting people together to make a dedicated Cinnamon spin of Fedora. It is in the package repositories in Fedora 18 already. It would not be that hard.

    Quote Originally Posted by thalaric View Post
    On the topic of Fedora, I probably didn't make myself very clear. My point was that Gnome Shell does not have majority adoption, being at less than 40%. Together Cinnamon, MATE and XFCE make up a slightly smaller but equally relevant share. This is the highest adoption for Gnome Shell, with the other distributions showing much worse numbers. That matters when compared to historical levels of Gnome adoption. It is obvious that the polls have limited use, they can only predict the popularity of each desktop environment, or lack thereof, among people who actually took the poll. That does not make them completely useless for gauging reception.
    Not completely useless, but still pretty useless. As an Xfce user I can also tell you I do not appreciate you lumping Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce in the same category as they are much different desktops with very different goals. I personally really dislike the look of Cinnamon, and could not imagine using it as my main desktop (which does not make unusable or anything like many here assert against Shell), but I am quite happy with the direction that Xfce is taking. Also, what about these polls suggests that Cinnamon should be the default for you (at 8.33% on the FedorForum)? Gnome is more extendable than Cinnamon with a greater and more active development community, and with the Classic Mode in 3.8 the next release of Fedora is already going to have a Classic Mode available on start up (based on the limited markups I have seen). So they already have most of the benefits of having Cinnamon by default by virtue of that.

    Quote Originally Posted by thalaric View Post
    That said, feel free to reject all of the provided data and observations that have been shared in this forum without providing any of your own.
    I think even you can agree that I have been providing plenty of observations on this subject thalaric. And your data is only as useful as the conclusions that can be drawn from it.
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