Hi there.

I just got my new Gainward 8800 GT, and chose nVidia because I had heard so much praise of their drivers (or actually just the lack of complaining).

The weird thing is, that even with this card being a lot more powerful than my previous card, Radeon X1950 Pro, it has a pitiful fps when running Compiz. If I remember correctly, I had several hundreds of fps in Compiz. Now I get 60 fps tops, and when having the cube transparent or lots of windows open it drops to 30 fps.

Other annoying thing is playing Flash videos; it flickers like hell. you can easily see the border between the previous frame and the new one as the card is drawing it. And this happens when Compiz is off too.

The drivers should be correctly installed, I have direct rendering, Nexuiz runs fast and smooth with ultimate settings, and there are no error messages in Xorg.0.log.

Any ideas what might be causing it?

Then theres one more problem. I'm using Mandriva 2008.0, and after I had manually installed the nVidia drivers (the .run installer), by mistake I had Mandriva install the driver packages, too. Now I have the driver installed twice, and also have two "Nvidia X settings" shortcuts in the Tools menu.
So I'd really like to be able to remove the manually installed driver as I think the packages will be easier to maintain. Could someone give me instructions how to do that?

Btw. the 2 drivers installed -problem is not causing the compiz performance -problem, as it existed even before I had installed the second driver by mistake.
And yes, I have uninstalled all previous ATI drivers.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.