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Thread: Radeon HD4670 or GeForce 9600GT for a Linux HTPC - with component video

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    Question Radeon HD4670 or GeForce 9600GT for a Linux HTPC - with component video

    Hi all!

    I'm looking into building a small inexpensive Linux HTPC for movies (75% of usage) and some OpenGL games (25%). I am now trying to decide on a graphics card which not only strikes a good balance between HD movie (mostly H.264 and MPEG2) and game performance, but which also provides WORKING 1080i component video out to my fairly old but still brilliantly performing 32" JVC CRT TV. In terms of picture quality, the TV runs circles around low-end LCDs and is really only rivaled by quite expensive LCDs that are far beyond my budget atm, so I'll keep the set for at least a few more years. Since it only has component video input for HD, I need reliable component video support.

    While good old Q3A looks nice at 1920x1080, my aged AMD 2700+ / GeForce 7200GS rig isn't really up to the HTPC-task or Quake Wars. However, the Nvidia Xorg driver has worked very nicely with component video for me.

    So finally, my questions:

    * What are your thoughts/experiences with AMD Radeon HD4670 or Nvidia GeForce 9600GT as Linux HTPC-cards?
    * Have you tried running 1080i via component video?
    * What is the state of component video in recent driver revisions for these cards (for either Radeon, RadeonHD, fglrx or nvidia)?
    * Do you think UVD2 in fglrx will really happen anytime soon for AMD? How is Nvidia doing atm for accelerating video in X?
    * Which architecture would you recommend based on current performance? Or projected performance 6 months from now?
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    Benchmarks put HD4670 behind 9600GT, but its also cheaper and draws less power.
    Remember that before you choose either.

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