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I think one of the sources of discontent with systemd might be this http://www.pappp.net/?p=969

NOT UNIX way of doing things
Some people get very hung up on the whole "UNIX way of doing things" argument. They need to remember that what they're talking about is nothing more than a traditional set of design principles - not holy law carved into stone tablets. And they're *good* design principles, no question - but they're not the only way of doing things, nor always the right way (as the article you link to notes). E.g storing data is flat text files is nice (and systemd does so for config files), but you'd be crazy to apply that principle to a multi-terabyte relational database. And "portability over efficiency" is only relevant for things where portability is useful, and where the benefits of portability are worth the loss of efficiency - it's a balancing act, not an inviolable mantra.

Most importantly at all, those design principles are something you're supposed to think about, not just follow automatically without appreciation of what you're gaining (and losing) by doing so.