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But games, no. Games are just entertainment. I don't view them as different than say, watching a movie. I watch the movie, I can't change it. I can't edit the script or choice of actors before or after I watch it. You pay the money to watch it as it is, and if you don't like it well, its not like you can't watch something else later or suddenly your lifes work is destroyed. Same with a game. You buy the game, play it. If you had fun with it then it has completed its only purpose. If I hate the game nothing further bad happens. On this note too, my roommate and I often make short movies. The presence of hollywood movies hasn't prevented us from doing that either.
Like GreatEmerald said, the comparison of a game to a movie is not entirely apt.

Your game binary may call home. It may install a rootkit. It may have other malware embedded, often called DRM. Even if it claims to be DRM-free it may have less desirable code in it.

Your movie is just data - you can do what you will with it, including playing it with an open source player.