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You will get the cron-replacement and a bunch more from the systemd git tree. And thats really interesting. If you decide to do like Ubuntu and go all anti-systemd then you also get the pain of maintenance. And the rest of the sane world? They will have a single tree to pull the entire core from.

Now the idiot crowd have to revert to sanity(systemd tree) or sustain the pain and suffering from maintaining crap out of tree. Mark Shuttleworth is probably thinking about ditching upstart too. Any hour spent on core stuff outside the systemd tree is really a wasted effort.
Now, would you please explain why suddenly it is a pain to maintain the long existing cron, just because the systemd people decided to also have a version of it? And why they should maintain systemd software out of tree if they aren't using it?
Doesn't make much sense, as usual with fanboys babbeling around.