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Thread: Qt 5.1 To Feature Improved Support For Wayland

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    Quote Originally Posted by curaga View Post
    Previously it was only mentioned the compositor would know the location of the close button - if it has to know everything, that of course changes things.


    The current code would do as I described, no?. The better solution only matters once it is implemented.

    Also, if the mentioned solution was obvious, why was it not the first to be implemented, instead of the 15sec wait and friends?
    I thought it was. I know i've seen that solution discussed on the Wayland lists, so it's not unknown to the developers. If not, then I'm sure it was just a matter of getting something done quickly, and then fixing it in a better manner later when there is more time.

    Note that it's not just click events that it can watch - it can also ping the app whenever the mouse button enters the application window, so that if you are moving the mouse to click on the minimize/close buttons that 100ms timeout will likely hit before the mouse even reaches the buttons. Then it can draw the new UI on top of the window before you click at all.
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