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I did not count how many of the commits are by Intel but Intel is definitively involved in porting all said toolkits to Wayland.
still i don't see your point, assuming ofc you have one to start with

your twisted logic:
intel contributes to mesa/kms/gallium/kernel/other mainstream projects? so on your logic intel should fix sabayon/fedora/ubuntu/etc because intel ppl push code to those important projects
intel contribute/colaborate with nouveau and r600g drivers, so with your logic is intel's fault that r600g is slower than fglrx and nouveau have issues supporting wayland
intel contribute A LOT in X11 too you know[hello!! keith packard works at intel ya know]? so intel is the culprit of all the X11 evilness ofc

Wayland/weston is was started/is currently developed by X.org/mesa developers like christian and keith(that for mere casuality work for intel !!OMG) + many community devs completely unrelated to intel.So if you put 3 neurons togheter and understand that fact you will see you tend to see intel ppl in many other projects specially when involved with wayland/X11 is because those intel devs are dedicated to both projects and know lots of the internals from first hand[including many many communuty devs that you don't name because ....?] which is a great asset for developers outside X11/wayland scope to have close to them in case they need help[the same applies to KMS/DRM/Gallium/cairo/libVA/Mesa/etc dependant projects] BUT NOR WAYLAND/X11/KMS/DRM/CAIRO/PIXMAN/MESA/GALLIUM/LIBVA/FFMPEG/ETC ARE INTEL PRODUCTS OR OFFICIAL INTEL PROJECTS NOR QT/GTK/EFL/AND COMPANY ARE PRODUCTS FROM INTEL OR DERIVATED COMPANIES.

so in resume many intel OSC developers along with many community rock stars like marek or luc or tom among many good others choose to contribute and/or improve derivated projects that are linked to their main work projects to help move thing a bit faster[or simply because they want, you know!! maybe keith/paul/brian/etc love Qt/efl/gtk and contribute to it after work hours]