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Oh, sorry, I was fixated on the accidental corruption of firmware, like what is occurring with the samsung-laptop module. Of course a utility that is written to support various chipsets' firmware flashing functions can make paperweights, as can a motherboard vendor's bios flash utility if the process doesn't complete properly.

(I have heard of coreboot and knew there was a flashing program but didn't clue in on the name)

The original blanket statement I replied to, not made by you, was:

If software can brick the system, then the system is faulty to begin with.
My point is that the ability to brick a system through software doesn't make it faulty. Anyone can take flashrom code and write a virus to brick systems. Nobody knows what is at fault here. Clearly the Samsung driver is doing things it's not supposed to - this has already been proven - and there is already a solution in clearing NVRAM.

Moral of the story: MMIO is a blessing and a curse.