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Unity is pretty exotic to me. It's not a WM tuned for high performance graphics and gaming. It's a good WM for everything else though.
Since you're here, is there any way to "un-advertise" openGL 2.1 / 3.0 (to bump performance of Nexuiz) at runtime?

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The title of this article is "Radeon DRM GPU Driver Performance: Linux 3.4 to 3.8". It is meant to give an overview of performance improvements/regression between the different driver versions. How can this be of any use when a WM is used that possibly distorts the results, but nobody knows when and how this happens? When somebody wants to benchmark in regard to a specific topic, here driver versions, he has to make sure that all other things that influence the benchmark keep exactly the same, but you can't do that when using Unity.
Therefore my conclusion that this benchmark is useless.
Stop whinging and do your own bloody benchmark. The tools are out there. You could've ran it by the time you wrote all your pointless posts.