Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail has the latest version of Wayland / Weston.
You can run Weston both under X and under DRM/console.

To run on X, you run "weston", to run on DRM, you run it via "weston-launch", but you need to chmod +s the weston-launch binary first.

Then you need to set the GDK_BACKEND environmental variable to "wayland". Then you can run some GTK applications.
But you don't get window decorations, and only some GTK applications work, many don't, and even those who work many crash.

Some applications don't work unless you run them or weston itself via 'dbus-launch', such as gedit and gnome-terminal.
Run them via 'dbus-launch gedit', or 'dbus-launch weston-launch'.

Applications depending on X does not work, since XWayland is not yet merged in.

So basically you can try it out today, but many things don't work yet and there is still lots of development ahead that needs to be done.