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Here in America we have basically have two political parties. The Democrats, and the Republicans. Republicans are elephants, and Democrats are jackasses. Republicans are conservative, and Democrats are liberal. I find that to be terribly fitting.
I find it terribly amusing (and somewhat frightening) that even though the two American parties (Rep/Dem) are basically identical in their politics, a lot of people still assign them ideologies and labels such as "liberal" or "conservative". Newsflash: they are neither! Sure, there are some differences, but it's all in the nuances and details, not in the ideology. If you stop and think a little, you can realize that only two parties would never be able to encompass the enormous diversity of a country that covers half a continent. So what do they do? They compromise, of course. Their policies are a mish-mash of various (and sometimes antagonic) points of view that have only one thing in common -- they exist to help them get elected and stay in office. End of story. If anyone thinks that Obama's or Cain's or whoever's discourse is a sincere expression of their beliefs and ideology, instead of a carefully crafted marketing speech, they are, to put it mildly, quite naive.

Oh, and one more thing -- @duby, please do not confuse liberalism (or rather social liberalism to be more accurate) with socialism. What you are opposing is socialism -- liberals will never wish for more taxes or more government involvement... It is true that Dems in the US are leaning toward social-democracy, but that doesn't make them liberals. Neither do the Reps supporting the free market; however, you could also say they are both liberal to a certain degree (depends on which half of the glass you consider).

Meanwhile, both parties are working tirelessly to impose an over-reaching and all-powerful government which would be in nobodies interest but theirs -- but somehow people are more concerned over healthcare and immigration... oh, please wake up!